How Cove is Changing the DIY Security Space Forever

With the Cove DIY Home Security system, you can safeguard your home and office space quickly and efficiently. With the new strains of COVID-19 on the rampage, we tend not to want extra individuals in our home or office spaces. With Cove Home Security you install this yourself. can be up and running — fast.

Hop on the Cove site and check out the customer reviews — I did. Customer feedback has become essential to the consumer nowadays, more than ever before. You can check out the satisfied customers and feel safe that you are choosing the right system for your home or office.

Security is a big deal right now, and advancements in tech have made security easier than ever to accomplish yourself. I decided to install this system in my office too — because I didn’t have to have an extra person come into the office.

Our employees are nervous about coming back to work after being work from home this last year. But the entire Cove DIY Security System was done — by me! Check it out:

Put one of these environmental detectors on each floor of your home or office.

We wanted motion sensors in several areas of access both in our home and at the office.

My favorite thing — the security camera. You want a camera that is sleek and can be placed anywhere. This is the camera you want. Design is important and this camera is beautiful. The camera is not a big bulky thing, yet it has a wide-angle view from the lens. You can access your camera at any time from your phone.

The Cove DIY Security System is professional-grade protection. It is better protection than the other systems I’ve used and reviewed. The upfront cost is low and the monthly cost is low. You don’t have a contract — and Cove offers easy and fair cancellation.

Did I mention how fast this system is to install?

The average install time for this security system took me about 20 minutes with everything — and costs less than other systems I’ve used. My last system was about $800 per year. Cove is $180 per year — huge cost saving for me.

With everything else that has gone wrong in the last year — this is one thing that has gone right!

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